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7/24/2020 Twirling Book Princess Excerpt

7/24/2020 mehsi_hime Instagram Stop

7/25/2020 alwaysjoart Review

7/25/2020 Jaime's World Excerpt

7/26/2020 Jotted by Jena Review

7/27/2020 Rajiv's Reviews Review

7/27/2020 Rajiv's Reviews Instagram Stop

7/28/2020 Review/Instagram Stop

7/29/2020 Hurn Publications Review

7/29/2020 Hurn Publications Instagram Stop

7/30/2020 She Just Loves Books Review

7/30/2020 shejustlovesbooks Instagram Stop

7/31/2020 Miss Elizabeth Review

8/1/2020 rainbowrdrgrl Review/Instagram Stop

8/1/2020 Jazzy Book Reviews Review

8/1/2020 pixiestyxmunchkin Instagram Stop

8/2/2020 Two Chicks on Books Interview

8/2/2020 JaimeRockstarBookTours Instagram Stop

8/3/2020 Little Red Reads Review

8/3/2020 Little Red Reads Instagram Stop

8/4/2020 BookHounds YA Interview

8/4/2020 Bookhounds Instagram Stop

8/5/2020 The Try Everything/jenifer_reads Excerpt

8/5/2020 jenifer_reads Instagram Stop

8/6/2020 Two Points of Interest Review